Appleton school zone accident lawyerDue to the unpredictable nature of a car accident, a motorist should always be alert and ready to handle any situation that the road, an opposing driver, or a pedestrian may cause. Although driving laws are enacted to ensure the safety and well-being of motorists and pedestrians, areas such as school zones and road construction areas have additional laws. Since children and workers are considered to be at a higher risk, it is crucial for drivers to be fully aware of the laws for these zones. Before entering a restricted zone, a driver should take extra care to avoid causing injuries to victims.

Driving in a School Zone

Throughout the year, many children will make their way to school by walking, riding bikes, or taking the bus. According to the National Safety Council, a majority of children that lose their lives in bus-related accidents are four to seven years old. To reduce the probability of children being seriously or fatally injured in an accident in a school zone, drivers should: 

  • Never block a crosswalk
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Follow traffic laws
  • Always obey the directions of a school crossing guard
  • Be aware of his or her surroundings
  • Never attempt to scare a pedestrian
  • Use extreme caution

Furthermore, it is illegal for a driver to pass a school bus that is either picking up or dropping off children. If a bus has red lights flashing along with its stop arm extended, traffic must come to a stop. Children can be unpredictable, and their safety should never be taken for granted when driving near a school bus or in a school zone.

Driving in a Construction Area

Similar to a school zone, reckless driving in a work zone or construction area can be extremely dangerous, and it often leads to serious injuries or wrongful deaths. Over the past five years in the state of Wisconsin, 13, 000 crashes, 5, 200 injuries, and 50 deaths were reported in work zones. In order to distinguish a work zone, markers such as orange barrels, orange signs, flags, and flashing lights may be prominently displayed. Due to many construction sites being on busy expressways, the probability of an injury or death occurring is much higher. To further deter reckless driving in these areas, drivers are subject to higher fines and penalties for violating traffic laws. When driving in construction areas, drivers should obey speed limits, take extra care to notice workers and construction equipment, and leave themselves room to slow down or maneuver around other vehicles or obstacles in the road.

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