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In the state of Wisconsin, thousands of drivers make the reckless decision to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol each and every year. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, more than 28,000 people were arrested for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) throughout 2015 alone. Despite the fact that driving while impaired can come with significant legal ramifications, drivers still choose to put their own life and the lives of others at risk by driving drunk. If you or a family member are injured in a drunk driving collision, you need and deserve professional legal assistance. 

Thousands Are Injured Each Year 

While alcohol-related crashes have decreased in the state of Wisconsin in recent years due in large part to the diligent work of law enforcement officials thousands of people are injured due to the negligence of drunk drivers each year. Statistics compiled by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation state that there were more than 5,000 alcohol-related collisions statewide in 2015. Tragically, alcohol-related collisions are the cause of 34 percent of all traffic fatalities statewide. More than 2,000 people in the state of Wisconsin suffer injuries that require medical attention due to the reckless behavior of drunk drivers on an annual basis. 

How to Seek Compensation 

The minute a motorist chooses to get behind the steering wheel while impaired, he or she is acting in a negligent manner. Outside of injury compensation, it is also possible to secure punitive damages based on the driver’s conduct with the help of an experienced attorney.

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