Wisconsin traumatic brain injury lawyersAlthough most traumatic brain injury victims recover in a matter of weeks or months, others may suffer from long-term or even lifelong complications. What is most concerning about this is that the victim may not be fully aware of the continued trauma. Instead, they may simply assume that their prolonged symptoms are unconnected. Sadly, if that same sufferer is also a victim in a personal injury case, their lack of recognition could place them at risk for a reduced settlement. Reduce your risk, and learn where to find assistance with your claim, with help from the following information.

Long-Term TBI Signs and Symptoms

Persistent traumatic brain injury can result in numerous complications, including seizures, ocular or visual-motor disturbances, psychosis, growth hormone or endocrine dysfunction, cognitive deficits, progressive dementia, memory problems, hypopituitarism, seizures, and diabetes insipidus. Emotional issues, such as depression, moodiness, aggression, and social isolation are also common. Long-term sufferers are also at risk for unemployment and suicide.

Given that the laundry list of symptoms can have a significant and negative effect on the lives of victims, it is important that they maintain close medical monitoring in the weeks and months after injury. Work, school, and certain physical activities should be avoided until the victim is cleared by their doctor. Victims and their families should also speak with a health care professional if believe they notice any other strange symptoms not listed; some conditions are complex, with numerous underlying symptoms, and they may exhibit themselves differently from one victim to the next.

Elevated Risk for Moderate to Severe TBI Sufferers

While anyone can experience long-term complications from traumatic brain injury, those that suffer moderate to severe TBI are at an increased risk. Victims should also understand that symptoms can dissipate and then reemerge, later in life. As such, it is important to have your case thoroughly examined by an experienced personal injury lawyer. Able to increase your chances of full and fair compensation, your attorney will analyze your medical records and other pertinent information to determine if you may be at risk for reemerging or long-term TBI.

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