Appleton car accident attorneys, smartwatches, car accidentsDistracted driving is a major cause of auto accidents in the United States and the rise of handheld mobile devices over the past decade has significantly increased the risks of accidents and injuries on the road. Specifically, texting, emailing, or other types of messaging are considered to be particularly dangerous forms of distraction because they cause all three types of distractions:

  • Visual Distraction: Taking your eyes off the road (visual distraction);
  • Manual Distraction: Taking your hands off the wheel; and
  • Cognitive Distraction: Taking your focus from the task of driving.

Despite laws in Wisconsin banning texting for all drivers and restricting any cell phone use for novice drivers, individuals continue to put their own lives and the lives of other at risk by texting.

Smartwatches Are No Safer

Smartwatches allow a person to be notified of emails, texts, reminders, and phone calls without having to hold or look at their smartphone via Bluetooth. Wearers of these wristwatches can additionally play music and use other apps. Because users can set their phones aside, many people believe that smartwatches are a safer option to smartphones while behind the wheel. Moreover, many drivers believe that using their smartwatch can help avoid getting a citation for texting and driving. However, checking a smartwatch still requires a driver to look away from the road and also takes his or her focus away from driving.

If a driver has to accept or reject a call or perform other tasks, he or she must remove his or her hands from the wheel to use the touchscreen. For these reasons, smartwatches present the same dangers as using a handheld mobile device.

How Do You Know If a Driver Was Using a Smartwatch?

Following an accident, you may not even realize that a collision occurred because the other driver was distracted if he or she does not admit fault. In many situations, determining the true cause of an accident can require investigation including witness interviews, reviewing any available video surveillance, or even analysis by an accident reconstruction expert. If evidence does exist that a driver was distracted due to a technological device or for any other reason, he or she should be held liable for all of your injury-related losses.

Depending on your service provider, certain actions taken on a Smartwatch may be identifiable on a phone bill. If the accident was severe enough, the police may obtain copies of phone records. An experienced personal injury lawyer may also help obtain phone records once a case is in suit.

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