snowmobile safety tips, Wisconsin snowmobile accident lawyerAs the snow season gets into full swing, snowmobiling becomes a preferred method of transportation for many outdoor enthusiasts. Wisconsin is the birthplace of snowmobiling and has over 25, 000 miles of groomed trails available to riders. However, snowmobiles can be as dangerous as cars if not operated properly. Last year Wisconsin reported 23 snowmobiling fatalities. Recently, a local Appleton man was killed in a snowmobiling accident near Chute Pond.

There are local and national programs dedicated to snowmobile safety, which lay out essential safety tips that can help make your snowmobiling experience a safer one.

Do Not Drink and Ride

Last year, alcohol contributed to 57 percent of the fatal snowmobiling accidents in Wisconsin. In addition, 64 snowmobile drivers were arrested for operating a snowmobile above the legal alcohol limit. Local communities and states are forming coalitions that support zero tolerance snowmobile riding.

Dress Appropriately

Base layers, snowmobile suits, bibs, eye protection, boots and gloves are a few of the protective items riders should wear or have on their person while snowmobiling. Wearing a helmet and keeping an emergency kit on hand are ways to stay safe while riding.

Follow the Signs

Driving within the speed limit, especially at night, following common trail signs, monitoring the weather report and following a safe distance behind other sleds are key habits to develop when snowmobiling. Weather patterns and snow conditions can quickly shift. Trail signs can prevent you from trespassing and can keep you on snowmobile trails. This will help prevent accidents and keep you in safe territory. Additionally, avoid frozen lakes and rivers when riding by staying on the marked trails.

Stay Educated

Wisconsin requires snowmobile riders born after January 1, 1985 to complete a snowmobile safety certification course in order to operate a snowmobile on public trails and areas. Your snowmobile must also be registered with the state. As of 2014, there were over 200, 000 registered snowmobiles.

Snowmobile accidents are a common winter hazard and riders may experience catastrophic injuries, regardless of how safe they act while on a snowmobile. Those who are injured while riding a snowmobile or other recreational vehicle in Wisconsin should immediately seek medical treatment and then speak with an attorney who can help to recover compensation.

Contact an Experienced Wisconsin Snowmobile Accident Attorney

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