Johnson & Johnson has agreed to settle additional lawsuits for its defective metal-on-metal hip products—a move that may result in Wisconsin hip replacement patients recovering for their faulty implants.

Johnson & Johnson has provided an additional $420 million to its 2013 $2.5 billion settlement for patients injured by its defective hip implants. This newest infusion of funds into the settlement account means that patients who had their hips replaced from August 2013 through January 2015 will now be eligible for the settlement fund. DePuy is the unit of J&J responsible for the particular ASR hip implants implicated in this settlement. The ASR product line was recalled in 2010 due to an increasing number of products liability lawsuits being pursued by the thousands of patients injured by the device.

Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants 

The DePuy ASR hip implant is an example of the metal-on-metal hip implants that have flooded the market to the detriment of consumers. Metal-on-metal implants are prosthetics in which the component parts are entirely made of metal. While they were meant to be used in younger patients with active lifestyles, and have a longer-lasting “shelf life, ” these hip implants have instead been found to cause multiple health complications.

The metallic implants have been found to fail at a much higher rate than projected, which means that patients are forced to have revision surgery within a five-year mark, rather than several years later.

The greatest problem associated with metal-on-metal implants is that the parts rub against each other, causing the metallic surface to corrode and send debris into the area around the implant, including the blood stream and neighboring tissue (also known as metallosis). The implants are known to then cause infections, swelling, difficulty walking, serious pain and tissue death.

This extended settlement deadline and funds means that approximately 8, 000 cases are now eligible for settlement and amount to approximately $300, 000 per patient under the original 2013 compensation scheme.

For patients who need immediate compensation for their injuries, this provides a quick means by which to recover compensation. However, there are thousands of victims of defective hip implants that do not fall into the small window of time assigned to this particular settlement.

Our Wisconsin Attorneys Can Help You

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