appleton car crash lawyerRideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become a very popular way to get around. People generally feel safe using these services, but rideshare vehicles can and do get into car crashes. Rideshare drivers can become distracted and cause an accident just like everyone else on the road. Or, another vehicle driven by a careless third party can cause an accident involving the rideshare vehicle you were riding in. No matter the circumstances, if you were injured in a rideshare accident, it is important to contact an attorney promptly. Not only does evidence need to be collected from the accident scene quickly, but it is also important that you are represented by a qualified lawyer before speaking to an insurance company. 

Who Is Liable After a Rideshare Accident? 

The liable party in a rideshare collision will depend on who caused the accident. If you were a passenger in a rideshare vehicle and the accident was caused by another driver, then the driver who hit your rideshare is liable and your claim is against him or her. However, if a rideshare driver caused the accident while “on the clock” and transporting a passenger, then you may have a claim against not just the driver but also the rideshare company itself. This is true whether you were a passenger in the rideshare vehicle or in another vehicle that was struck by a rideshare driver who was working at the time. 

In some cases, both the rideshare driver and another driver may both be partially at fault for an accident. In this more complicated situation, your attorney will guide you in determining who to file a claim against, and for how much. 

What Kind of Insurance Coverage do Rideshare Drivers Carry? 

Rideshare drivers must have their own personal insurance plan that meets Wisconsin’s state laws. However, if they are actively carrying a passenger, then they are also covered by the rideshare company’s insurance. Both Uber and Lyft carry insurance that will cover up to $1,000,000 in damages per accident. The rideshare company is liable for damages up to that amount if the individual driver’s insurance does not cover it. However, Uber and Lyft are large companies with their own legal teams and may be reluctant to pay out all the compensation you are entitled to, so it is particularly important for you to be represented by a well-qualified and experienced attorney before you speak to their representatives. 

Contact a Green Bay Car Accident Lawyer 

Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd. will aggressively fight for all the compensation you may be entitled to after a rideshare accident. It is important to contact a Green Bay Car Accident Lawyer promptly after an accident. Contacting a qualified attorney before you talk to a rideshare company’s representatives is one of the best ways to protect your legal interests. Call the Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd. at 920-739-7366 today for your free consultation.