Appleton, WI personal injury lawyer for sporting event injuriesMillions of fans nationwide attend sporting events with the hopes of having a good time, creating memories, and the possibility of going home with a souvenir. A well-known tradition at any event is having the chance to take home a part of the game. At baseball games, foul balls, home runs, and other memorabilia can add an extra incentive for fans to attend the game in person; being shown catching a ball on TV or the jumbotron could be a life-changing experience for an enthusiastic fan. Furthermore, obtaining a piece of history could result in substantial financial gains. Unfortunately, the same events that can be so exciting could also lead to a personal injury, and a dedicated fan may be unsure of how to proceed if they are hurt while at this type of event.

How Injuries Can Occur

Depending on what type of game a fan is attending, different types of injuries could be sustained. One surprisingly common type of injury occurs when a person is struck by a foul ball at a baseball game. Baseballs can be hit with velocities upwards of 100 miles per hour, and with little to no reaction time, fans may be in serious danger from these projectiles. Some MLB teams have extended the protective netting in their stadiums to address the likelihood of a fan being hit by a foul ball. However, even with these nets in place, people in the stands are at risk of being injured by a ball or pieces of a broken bat.

There are a wide range of other potential Incidents that could occur when attending a sporting event. At hockey games, fans may be injured from players crashing into the glass which separates the spectators from the ice. NASCAR fans may be injured by debris from crashes that take place during a race. Fights and riots can take place due to passions running high, the consumption of alcohol, or other factors leading to aggression. Additionally, items thrown into the stands, such as t-shirts, could lead to fans being trampled or otherwise injured when trying to catch them.

Contact a Green Bay, WI Personal Injury Lawyer

Fans who attend a sporting event expect to be safe as they root for their team. While some injuries may be unavoidable at these events, others may occur because of improper safety equipment, negligent security, or the failure of other measures that should have protected fans from harm. In these cases, a victim may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit and recover compensation for medical bills, missed work, and the physical and emotional pain and suffering experienced. At Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd., our attorneys will help you determine the best course of action that will ensure that you are able to recover from your injuries. To schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled Appleton personal injury attorneys, please call our office at 920-739-7366.