Green Bay, WI construction area accident attorneyThere are many different types of dangers that affect drivers and others who use the roads. Construction zones are one issue that can increase the risks of car accidents. When driving in road work areas, drivers will often need to follow unfamiliar traffic patterns, and issues such as narrow lanes, abrupt edges, unexpected traffic stoppages, and construction equipment being operated close to traffic can put them at risk of being involved in a collision. A negligent driver or other parties may be at fault for a construction zone accident. By consulting with a personal injury lawyer, victims can understand their best options for receiving financial compensation.

Negligence Leading to Accidents in Construction Zones

Driver negligence is one of the most common causes of construction zone accidents. Road work areas usually have reduced speed limits, but some drivers may disobey these speed limits. When a person travels at an unsafe speed through a road construction area, they may be unable to slow down in time to avoid colliding with a vehicle that is obeying the speed limit or a road worker or construction vehicle. Distracted driving is another common factor in construction zone accidents, since drivers who are not fully paying attention to the road may not notice that traffic has been redirected or that construction equipment has entered the roadway.

In addition to speeding and distracted driving, some drivers may act recklessly or aggressively in construction zones out of frustration over backed-up traffic. They may take actions such as making sudden lane changes or U-turns or attempting to pass other vehicles by driving on the road’s shoulder or in lanes that have been closed to traffic. These types of actions can be very dangerous, and they can increase the likelihood that a person will collide with other vehicles or strike construction workers or equipment.

In some cases, accidents may occur because of safety issues in a construction zone. If the proper signs or signals are not used to make drivers aware of reduced speed limits or changes in traffic patterns, drivers may not know how to proceed through the construction area safely. Accidents may also occur if construction equipment enters the road unexpectedly or if improper construction methods lead to hazards in the roadway. In these situations, a city or state government organization that was responsible for performing road work may be liable for injuries that occur in car accidents.

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