Green Bay severe injury attorney for amputationsPeople who are involved in auto accidents can suffer a wide variety of injuries, and these can range from relatively minor issues to major trauma. Some of the most serious injuries involve damage that is so severe that a victim will permanently lose a body part such as an arm or leg. Amputations can not only be very painful, but they will usually lead to life-long disabilities, and a person will require ongoing medical care and rehabilitation. Those who have suffered an amputation injury due to the negligence of a driver or another party will need to work with a personal injury lawyer to determine how they can receive compensation that addresses the long-lasting impact their injury has had on themselves and their family.

Auto Accident Injuries Leading to Amputations

There are many different situations where a motor vehicle collision can lead to injuries that require amputation, including:

  • A head-on collision may crush a person’s legs under the dashboard or steering wheel, causing extensive damage that results in amputation either above or below the knee.
  • A T-bone collision may crush a person’s arm due to the impact with a vehicle’s door or frame.
  • If a driver or passenger was resting their arm on an open window, the impact of a collision could cause the arm to become severed.
  • A person who is thrown from a vehicle in a collision may suffer severe injuries to their limbs due to the impact with obstacles, other vehicles, or the ground.
  • A person’s fingers or toes could be crushed or severely injured in a collision, leading to the loss of these digits. If injuries affect the bones in the wrists or ankles, amputation of hands or feet may be necessary.
  • Motorcyclists or pedestrians who are struck by vehicles may suffer serious injuries to their limbs. If a person is thrown into traffic, their arms or legs may become severed after being run over by other vehicles.

Typically, amputation will be necessary if damage to blood vessels restricts circulation in the affected part of the body, causing tissue to die. In some cases, surgical procedures may be used to repair the damaged blood vessels or reattach a severed limb. However, if the damage cannot be corrected, the affected body parts may be removed. In these cases, surgeons will remove the damaged tissue, cut through bones and smooth the ends to ensure that they are not sharp or abrasive, seal the ends of blood vessels and nerves, shape muscles around the end of the severed limb, and sew the skin closed over the stump.

Recovery from an amputation injury can take months or even years. Physical therapy will be required to help a person learn how to move the affected part of their body, as well as how to adjust to the loss of mobility. A person will also need to be trained on how to use a prosthetic limb, and occupational therapy can help them learn how to manage daily activities and regain independence. Psychotherapy may also be needed to help a person deal with the emotional trauma they have experienced.

Amputation injuries will involve a lifetime of future medical and prosthetic expenses, and many victims will have a diminished ability to earn as a result of their limitations. The total damages, which can also include past medical expenses, wage loss, past and future pain and suffering, nursing care, house and/or vehicle modifications, and spousal claims for loss of love and companionship, can be massive. It is critical that a comprehensive search be made for insurance, assets, and other forms of compensation before settling the case.

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