Wisconsin construction zone accident lawyersImagine this common commuter scenario: Already running late for work, you take a wrong turn and find yourself in an area that is unfamiliar to you. Traffic congestion has you locked in, so you cannot turn around. A few moments later, you discover the cause of the congestion – a construction zone. You cannot avoid it, so you forge ahead, hoping for the best. Instead, you experience a construction zone accident, which ultimately causes serious personal injuries.

It would be easy to write this scenario off as the fault of the driver, but that may not be entirely true. In fact, that assumption could be almost entirely false! 

Every day, unsuspecting drivers attempt to navigate through dangerous and confusing construction zones that do not meet federal or state code. When a crash occurs, victims often blame themselves – because they were stressed or tired – and they rarely investigate whether there were other contributing factors, such as an error on the part of the construction crew. As a result, some of their losses may go uncompensated. 

Dangerous Construction Zones May Be the Primary Cause of a Crash

Certainly, feelings of confusion or stress can contribute to an automobile accident, but this is rarely the primary cause of a construction zone accident. Instead, the driver may struggle to navigate through improperly placed cones, or they may hit loose gravel or uneven pavement in an area where the crew failed to provide suitable warning signs. These situations, which are far more common than most drivers realize, are often the primary cause of the crash; stress and confusion, though contributory, are only factors – and those feelings are often caused by the state of the construction zone itself. For this reason, every construction zone accident victim is encouraged to have an assessment of their case to rule out any possibility of government liability.

Fighting for Fair Compensation After an Appleton Construction Zone Accident 

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