appleton car crash lawyerIt is fairly well known that car accidents are more common around holidays. People go out and celebrate, often driving long distances to family or friends’ homes they rarely visit. These celebrations often include alcohol, or are tiring family events. If you or your minor child were hurt by a careless driver, getting in touch with a skilled lawyer should be your top priority. Especially on chaotic holidays where traffic is high and police are busy, critical evidence can be missed or lost very quickly, and your attorney will want to start investigating promptly. 

Why Might the Roads be Particularly Dangerous this Holiday Season? 

Car crashes and pedestrian accidents can happen any day of the year, but the risk might be particularly high this season. This is largely due to the post-pandemic celebrations likely to be taking place this year. Last year, our Wisconsin communities could do little to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Businesses such as bars were closed or at reduced capacity. 

This year, everything has opened back up. Parties are going ahead again. People may feel that they missed out last year and attempt to make up for it. Simply because few people could celebrate last year the way they wanted to, social gatherings this year may be larger and more energetic than in the past. Unfortunately, this type of celebration can lead to reckless or drunk driving when drivers attempt to carry on the party atmosphere on the way home. In fact, up to 40% of accidents that happen on a holiday involve alcohol. 

There is an additional danger to children as well. Children who are tired of being stuck at home can get excited and run into the roads where a careless driver could hit them. Drivers who are drunk and returning from a holiday party may present a special risk to children and the adults escorting them as they pass through residential areas. 

In short, the sheer number of people likely to be out on the roads, drinking and celebrating after losing holidays to COVID-19 could increase the number of accidents this year. 

Call a Wisconsin Car Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt by a careless driver, do not wait any longer than necessary to contact a qualified Green Bay car accident attorney. Your lawyer will want to start investigating immediately. Witnesses will need to be interviewed where their memory of events is still fresh. Herrling Clark Law Firm Ltd. is experienced in recovering compensation for those hurt by careless drivers. Call 920-739-7366 for your free consultation.