Appleton car accident attorneys, Green Bay car accident attorneys, [[title]], vehicle pileup, winter driving, winter storm survival kit, Wisconsin winter drivingA fiery crash involving 193 vehicles recently shut down Interstate-94 near Galesburg, Michigan, for over 12 hours. The pileup served as a stark reminder of how dangerous winter driving can be in the Great Lakes region.

Thirty-four cars and 26 tractor-trailer trucks were involved in the wreck on the eastbound side of the interstate. Eighty-three cars and 50 tractor-trailers crashed on the westbound side. One person was killed and 22 were injured. Officials believe the high winds, snow blowing across the highway, and slippery ice formations were the most likely cause of the crashes. More than six inches of snow fell in the region the night before the devastating accident.

Additionally, one crashed truck contained fireworks, which caused a fire to break out out on the eastbound side of the interstate. Multiple trucks caught on fire, and several police departments, fire departments, and medical responders were needed to contain the scene.

Wisconsin Winter Driving

Interstate 94 is a major throughway in the region, and the conditions which prompted the 193 pile up are quite common in Wisconsin this time of the year. In fact, Wisconsin has averaged 18, 000 motor vehicles accidents throughout the past five winters. Additionally, an average of 4, 700 people are injured in accidents when the roads are covered in ice, slush and snow.

The key to avoiding winter car accidents is to stay informed and drive mindfully. In the event of an accident, storing a winter storm survival kit in the back seat of your vehicle, along with extra supplies, will help to keep you, your children, and your pets warm.

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