appleton car accident lawyerDrivers have a duty to take steps to ensure that the vehicle they are driving is safe to be on the road. While many cars have some sort of minor problems, such as cosmetic damage or a non-working air conditioner, more serious problems can render a vehicle unsafe. Tires are an extremely important part of vehicle safety, especially during winter when the roads are often slick. Drivers who fail to keep an eye on their tires and repair or replace them when necessary put everyone else on the road around them at risk. 

If you have been injured in a car accident and suspect that someone’s failure to keep their tires in reasonably safe condition was a factor, you will want to call an attorney as soon as possible. Accident scene evidence like tire tracks are often very important in these cases, and cannot later be replicated if they are not promptly documented. 

How Do I Know if Negligent Tire Maintenance Was a Cause of My Crash? 

Sometimes it is quite clear that a tire problem caused the accident, such as when a tire blew out entirely. Other times, it is less obvious. In accidents where one car loses traction and skids into another, too-low tire tread could have been the problem, but even vehicles with brand new tires can lose control in ice or snow for other reasons. An attorney may need to investigate to determine whether negligent tire maintenance was the cause of your injuries. 

What Tire Mistakes Lead to Accidents? 

Common mistakes people make when it comes to tire safety include: 

  • Low tread – When tire treads get too low, they should be replaced immediately. Tires with low tread cannot grip the road properly and are prone to spinning out or hydroplaning. 
  • Overinflation – Overinflated tires can pop, leading to dangerous blowout accidents. These unfortunately are more likely at high speeds. 
  • Underinflation – Underinflation can affect steering and control. Underinflated tires should also be checked for leaks, lest they go flat again while driving. 
  • Wrong tires – It can be tempting to use less expensive tires that are not quite meant for your type of vehicle, especially if you drive a large truck or SUV. However, this can be dangerous. 
  • Poor installation – Tires that are not installed correctly can detach, causing a dangerous spinout or loss of control. Problems sometimes arise when people install new tires themselves, but make a mistake in doing so. 

It is not always obvious when negligent tire maintenance is the cause of an accident. It is best to let a qualified attorney conduct a prompt investigation after a car accident. 

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