Wisconsin bicycle accident lawyersRoundabouts have become popular in America. In fact, some cities have chosen to replace dangerous intersections with new roundabouts. The Department of Transportation (DOT) says they result in fewer accidents and have decreased injuries by 75 percent. The death of bicyclists and pedestrians are said to have been reduced by 10 to 40 percent. Are these figures truly accurate, or are they inflated? Further, what can victims and their families do if they are injured or killed while traveling in a roundabout? The following explains.

Safety First?

Roundabouts save cities money – and not just on the cost of maintenance for traffic signals, but also in noise and traffic pollution. They can also provide stimulation to a downturned economy by providing a marker for businesses. Traffic also continues to move, even during power outages. Unfortunately, they may not save cities on their collision-related costs.

A 2000 study, completed by a Florida International University Professor, found that bicyclists have an accident rate that is 15 percent higher than automobiles in roundabouts. It has also been determined that multiple lane roundabouts are especially stressful to bicyclists because they can create a lot of confusion, or may be difficult to cross. However, they are not the only ones that suffer from a higher than expected accident rate in roundabouts; pedestrians, who have one of the highest death to accident ratios, have an accident rate that is equivalent to that of automobiles.

Looking at the evidence, it becomes clear that safety may be a concern, but it may not be the primary objective. Moreover, the security of pedestrians and bicyclists has, yet again, taken a backseat to the needs of automobile drivers. Pedestrians and bicyclists should be aware of this risk, and they should know their rights – namely their right to pursue compensation.

Obtaining Compensation for a Roundabout Accident

Like most bicyclist accidents, those that occur in roundabouts may be compensable if a negligent party is responsible. Examples might include an intoxicated or distracted driver, someone who was speeding, or someone who failed to yield when the bicyclist had the right of way. Unfortunately, the pursuit of compensation can be grueling and stressful, especially for injured victims and their families. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

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