Appleton dog bite injury attorneys, dog bites in summerWith summer now in full swing, there are more people—and animals—out and about. Unfortunately, the risk for dog bites is increased. This is especially true when in public areas where dogs might be, such as the park or while walking around in your neighborhood. Know what you can do to protect yourself and your children in the coming months, and know what to do if a bite should occur.

Protecting Yourself and Your Children from Dog Bites

Dogs, like people, can become overheated or stressed, which can ultimately result in irritability. By understanding the warning signs that a dog may be irritable (yawning, shaking, fidgeting, licking, scratching, raised hair, etc.) and always asking the owner for permission to let the dog approach you (versus you approaching it), you may be able to reduce your risk of being bit by an otherwise friendly dog that may just be overheated, overstressed, or unfamiliar with you. Also, remember to stay away from any dog you do not know and avoid bothering a dog that is feeding its puppies or eating.

Dealing with Stray or Loose Dogs

Owners are obligated to keep their dogs either on a leash or nearby. Unfortunately, some owners fail to do so, and that places everyone in the area at risk for bites. Even more concerning is that many of these stray or loose dogs are far from being well-behaved, friendly canines. Protect yourself and your children by steering clear of any dog that is without an owner nearby. Do not try to approach the dog. Do not attempt to see if the dog has a collar or identification. And do not try to get the dog to come to you. Instead, contact your local animal control and report the situation. If the dog has an owner, the authorities will attempt to contact him or her.

If a Bite Happens

Sometimes, even with your best efforts, dog bites can and will happen. When they do, know how to respond appropriately. If a bite is caused by a dog you know, you can most likely treat the wound at home with a good cleaning and antibacterial ointment. If, however, the wound is deep or large, or if the dog was not one that you know or recognize, ensure you receive medical attention right away. Additionally, if you learn that the dog does, in fact, have an owner, contact a skilled personal injury attorney to discuss your case and your legal options.

At [[title]] we understand just how frightening a dog bite experience can be. We also recognize that the emotional and physical scarring can go well beyond the initial and immediate treatment that you may have received. Our experienced Appleton dog bite injury attorneys and Green Bay dog bite injury attorneys can aggressively and assertively represent you and assist you in pursuing fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling our offices at 920-739-7366 today.