appleton car accident lawyerWhile drivers in Wisconsin may be used to cold weather during the winter, they will still need to take a number of precautions to ensure that they will be able to drive safely. Snow and ice on the roads can have a significant effect on people’s ability to maintain control while driving, and other winter weather conditions can also increase the risk of car accidents. In addition to driving as safely as possible during the winter, drivers will need to make sure their vehicles are properly maintained. If a collision occurs because a car or truck was unsafe, the vehicle’s owner may be liable for injuries and damages experienced by drivers, passengers, or others.

Maintenance Issues That Can Affect Vehicle Safety in Winter Weather

It is important to make sure that a vehicle is in proper working order at all times, and a failure to perform proper maintenance can lead to a number of safety issues during the winter. Accidents may occur if drivers fail to address issues such as:

  • Tires – Proper traction is crucial when driving in cold weather, especially if snow or ice are present on the roads. Worn tires should be replaced, and drivers should make sure tires have the proper air pressure. If tires are not properly maintained, a driver will be much more likely to lose control when driving during the winter, and this could lead to dangerous collisions.
  • Brakes – Because roads are more likely to be slippery during the winter, drivers will often require more time to slow down and stop when necessary. If a vehicle’s brakes are worn, slowing down and stopping will take even longer, and this will increase the likelihood that a driver will be unable to avoid a rear-end collision.
  • Windshield wipers – Visibility can be limited during winter weather, and a driver will need to be able to see as much as possible while driving. If wipers do not function properly, they may not be able to fully clear snow or water from a windshield, further reducing visibility. An inability to fully see the road and other vehicles may cause a driver to miss important details, and they may be unable to respond in time to avoid colliding with other vehicles.
  • Heaters and defrosters – During cold weather, defrosters will ensure that a driver can fully see the road by preventing fog or frost from accumulating on a vehicle’s windshield or rear window. Defrosters that do not function correctly may lead to reduced visibility. If a vehicle’s heating system does not work properly, cold temperatures may cause drivers to experience fatigue or other issues that affect their ability to fully focus on operating their vehicle safely.

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Since there are a variety of factors that can cause car accidents during the winter, injury victims who are pursuing compensation will need to make sure issues related to vehicle maintenance will be properly addressed. At Herrling Clark Law Firm Ltd., we can investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident and gather evidence showing that a driver was liable for the collision. To determine whether vehicle maintenance was a cause of an accident, we can obtain evidence such as photos of a vehicle or maintenance records. We can also gather other relevant information, such as police reports, 911 call recordings, and video footage from sources such as security cameras. We work to make sure our clients will be fully compensated for the damages caused by the negligence of a driver or other parties. To learn more about how we can help with your case, contact our Green Bay car accident attorneys at 920-739-7366 and set up a free consultation.