Wisconsin truck accident lawyersAround 70 percent of all the goods and merchandise sold in the United States are transported by semi-truck – perhaps even more, now that online shopping has become more common. Sadly, there are not enough drivers in the country to operate those trucks, which is why there is now an influx of older drivers. A recent investigation revealed that these older drivers may be driving up the rate of semi accidents. Learn more, including what rights that you or a loved one may have after a truck accident, and discover how an experienced attorney can help.

Older Semi Driver Accidents Increase by Nearly 20 Percent

Statistics indicate that around 10 percent of all semi drivers are now over the age of 65. Most have either put off retirement or have returned to the industry after a brief break, but after speaking with recruiters, news investigators discovered that at least some of these drivers are newbies. When examining the crash rate of this age group, investigators also learned that it had increased by almost 20 percent, just in the last three years. In 12 states alone, they counted more than 6, 600 truck crashes involving drivers in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s.

Why the Data is Unsettling

While there are rules and standards within the trucking industry, federal law prohibits age discrimination. In other words, if a driver can pass the vision and medical tests, complete their training, and obtain their CDL, the industry cannot bar them from driving. However, as drivers age, their reflexes become less responsive. They may also be more prone to falling asleep at the wheel, and certain medications may hinder their ability to drive safely. What all this adds up to is trouble for other drivers and road users on America’s highways.

With no way to mitigate against the influx of aging drivers, and only defensive driving to use as a tool, truck accident victims may become more plentiful in the coming years. Sadly, these types of accidents are often the most devastating because of their propensity to cause death and severe injury. As such, victims should know their rights and where to find help.

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