Appleton, WI bicycle accident attorneyWhen a collision occurs between a bicycle and a motor vehicle, the results can be devastating for the bicyclist. Due to the huge disparity in size and weight between bikes and cars, as well as the lack of protection for a cyclist in a collision, bicyclists can suffer severe or fatal injuries after being hit by a motor vehicle. Because of this, collisions with bicycles account for approximately 2% of all annual fatalities in motor vehicle accidents. Due to the risk of injury, bicyclists should be sure to understand the best ways to stay safe on the roads and recognize negligence by drivers that can lead to dangerous collisions. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand how to recover compensation from a negligent driver. 

Protecting Your Safety While Riding a Bike

More than 400,000 bicyclists suffer injuries in bike accidents every year. Cyclists can take a number of steps to protect themselves from harm. First and foremost, wearing a helmet can significantly lower the chances of suffering significant brain trauma in an accident. Since nearly 45% of bicyclist fatalities occur at night, cyclists should be sure to equip their bikes with lights or reflectors and wear bright, visible clothing when cycling after dark. However, even when a bicyclist takes all possible precautions, they may still suffer serious injuries through no fault of their own.

Negligence Leading to Bicycle Accidents

In many cases, driver negligence is the primary cause of bicycle collisions. Distracted driving, which can involve any action that causes a driver to take their eyes or attention away from the road, can lead to a driver failing to see a bicyclist. Reckless or aggressive driving can also lead to serious bicycle accidents, including situations in which drivers refuse to respect a bicyclist’s right of way or drive in bike lanes while passing other vehicles. 

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is one of the leading causes of bicycle accidents. When a driver is intoxicated, their vision, reaction time, coordination, and judgment are affected, and they may not notice bicycles on the road around them, or they may be unable to react in time to avoid a collision. Alcohol plays a role in around 35% of all fatal bicycle accidents. 

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, our attorneys can gather evidence showing that the collision occurred because of driver negligence. This may include obtaining medical records or accident reports, , obtaining witness statements while the events are fresh, photographing the scene and the bicycle, recovering surveillance videos which are often only kept for a relatively short period of time, and obtaining police investigation materials. By showing that the driver was responsible for your injuries, we can help you pursue compensation that fully addresses your damages. 

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