Wisconsin truck accident lawyersStatistical estimates indicate that some 70 percent of the freight that is moved and sold throughout the United States is transported by commercial trucks. Sadly, the data also shows that the crashes involving such vehicles rose by 62 percent between 2009 and 2015. That is a total of 95, 000 additional accidents during that time-period. When taking all this into account, it becomes abundantly clear that drivers and other road users need to be aware of their rights, should a crash ever occur. Learn more, including how liability, negligence, and damages are determined after a commercial vehicle accident with help from the following information.

Liability and Negligence in a Commercial Vehicle Accident

Commercial vehicle accidents are typically more complex than other traffic crashes. Much of this is due to the multiple parties that may be involved. For example, the truck driver is one potentially liable party. Depending on whether they are self-employed, an independent contractor, or an employee of a company, the trucking company itself may also be liable. The owner of the commercial vehicle, maintenance professionals, and even freight loaders may also be held responsible if they are deemed a negligent party in a truck accident case.

What is a negligent party? In the simplest of terms, it is anyone that had the duty to act responsibly but then failed to do so. It may be a driver who got behind the wheel of their vehicle while intoxicated, or it could be a loading team that failed to properly secure the freight. It is important to keep in mind that another driver may be considered a negligent party as well.

Obtaining Compensation for Damages

When victims think about pursuing damages, they often assume that the recovery will include only their medical expenses, property losses, and lost wages. However, there are cases in which punitive damages, such as pain and suffering, may be an option. Meant to punish the negligent party while also ensuring victims receive fair compensation for all losses – even the emotional ones – such compensation is not easily obtained in a truck accident case. Thankfully, an experienced attorney can help.

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