my personal injury case, personal injury case, Green Bay Personal Injury LawyersWhen you suffer a serious personal injury, you have a lot to worry about including medical treatment and physical recovery. Often, daily tasks take longer to accomplish and you may not be able to work. The last thing you want is yet another stressor in your life. For this reason, many injured accident victims fail to contact an attorney to discuss their case.

We have all seen the dramatic portrayals of trials on television. The good news is that, in reality, a very small percentage of personal injury cases actually make it to trial. Instead, about 95 percent of injured parties are able to resolve their cases before ever getting to the courtroom.

An Appleton personal injury attorney will know how to pursue every other option possible to avoid the stress of a trial. Some of these options include the following:

  • Settlement with the Insurance Company — Especially in cases involving relatively minor injuries, negotiating with the other party's insurance company for a favorable settlement is often possible. If an insurance company does not make an offer that covers all of your losses, filing a legal claim may be the next step;
  • Mediation — Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to sit down with their attorneys and a third party mediator who tries to facilitate negotiations for a fair result for both parties. This is a much less costly option than going to trial and can assist in resolving many cases; and
  • Settlement Negotiations — Your personal injury attorney will continue to use evidence and arguments to negotiate with the other party and convince him or her to agree to a favorable settlement until right before your trial. Moreover, negligent parties may agree to settle at the last moment because they fear they may lose at trial.

What if Your Case Does Go to Trial?

In the event that all of the above methods fail to result in a favorable settlement offer, your attorneys will provide the highest quality of representation in the courtroom throughout your trial.

At [[title]], we understand court procedures and how to present evidence to most effectively prove your claims to the jury. Though trial may require more resources than a settlement, we will make the process as stress-free for you so that you can focus on your recovery.

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