Appleton whiplash injury lawyersWhiplash, which is caused by a forceful and sudden jerking of the head, is most commonly experienced by car crash victims. It can cause pain and stiffness, limited range of motion, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and more – sometimes to the point that the victim must miss work, take pain medications, or undergo long and extensive treatment and physical therapy.

Of course, most victims will eventually recover from their injuries, sometimes over the course of just months. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage that experience chronic or potentially even life-long injuries. Sadly, this latter group often struggles to obtain fair compensation. Learn more about why and how with help from the following information.

Claims Refuting the Existence Complicate Claims

Recently, an Irish surgeon claimed that chronic whiplash does not exist. He said that, as a doctor, he often wrote up information for claims but never believed they were suffering from chronic injuries. In short, he stated he believes chronic whiplash is nothing more than a “gravy train” for victims and their doctors.

Are his statements true? Not in the least. Yet there are others out there that hold the same belief. Insurance companies grab ahold of the information coming from these disbelievers and use it to reduce or even outright deny claims for victims. As a result, people who are seriously injured, perhaps even permanently disabled, go without the compensation they need.

Is There Anything That Victims Can Do?

In addition to ensuring the receive the right treatment and continuing all forms of treatment, chronic whiplash victims can seek experienced legal assistance with their case. Not only does this increase the chances that their claim will be covered, it can improve the overall settlement. Personal injury lawyers protect their clients. They also serve as the middle-man, keeping victims from feeling pressured to take a settlement that is lower than they might have otherwise received. An attorney can also ease the stress that victims often feel when trying to navigate through the complex claims system.

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