Green Bay auto accident attorneys, automobile crashes, auto accident passengersAnyone can be injured in a car during a traffic accident. Yet according to a recent study from the JPN Apex Trauma Center of AIIMS, passengers are the most vulnerable. This was partially attributed to a lack of seat belt use among occupants of the study. There are, however, several other likely factors, including the passenger's location in the vehicle, the type of accident experienced, and acts that could be considered driver negligence. These factors, combined with their increased risk for death and severe injury, make it critical that vehicle passengers know where to turn for help after an accident.

An In-Depth Look at the Study

The study examined the overall outcome for 3, 750 accident victims who were brought into the trauma center. (A portion of those were involved in motorcycle accidents, but for the purposes of this article, we are examining only those who were passengers in cars.) Passengers accounted for 70 percent of all car accident victims and the study concluded that they carried an 8.4 percent risk of mortality. There were also 36 other victims who were eventually discharged with a permanent disability.

Driver Negligence Found to Account for at Least One-Fourth of Study Accidents

Although lack of seat belt use was marked as a factor in several of the accidents, the study authors also uncovered a number of issues that could be considered driver negligence. For example, speeding accounted for approximately 14.2 percent of the crashes. Alcohol consumption was said to be a factor in 8.6 percent of the accidents. Additionally, sleep deprivation was attributed to 0.7 percent of the cases. In all, that makes driver negligence responsible for approximately one-fourth of all the study cases.

Auto Accident Passengers Have Rights

In circumstances such as these, passengers may be due compensation from the driver's insurance company. If, however, the driver was not negligent, but another motorist was, the victim still has the right to seek compensation for his or her injuries from the other insurance company. If an outside factor, such as work zone construction, was responsible, then the victim may be able to seek damages from the construction company. In other words, no matter who is responsible, victims and their families have the right to receive a fair settlement for their injuries or wrongful death.

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