Wisconsin bicycle accident lawyersThanks to environmental concerns and the scaling back of unnecessary expenses among many Americans, the number of cyclists has risen dramatically over the last decade. In fact, statistics indicate that some 66 million people now use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation.

Unfortunately, the roadways are still designed for passenger vehicles, and that creates challenges and potential risks for cyclists. Add in the potential for distracted, drunk, or drugged drivers and it becomes clear that cyclists need to know how to protect themselves from the risk of serious injury if a bicycle accident occurs. Learn more, including how the assistance of a seasoned, competent lawyer can increase your chances of receiving full and fair compensation after a crash.

Bicycle Accident Statistics

Although the percentage of people who use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation is small, the rate of accident and injury is significantly higher for cyclists than for those driving passenger vehicles. In fact, statistics indicate that some 1, 000 cyclists died in crashes during 2015, and another 467, 000 experienced an accident-related injury. Most of those crashes occurred at non-intersections in urban areas, but even riders in rural and suburban areas can experience a crash. Parents should also note that children accounted for more than one-third of all bicycle-related injuries. Adults over the age of 50 are also encouraged to exercise additional caution, as they have the highest risk of death during a bicycle crash.

Reducing the Risk of Death and Serious Injury

Passenger vehicles are strictly regulated and have numerous safety features that help to protect the individuals inside (seat belts, airbags, etc.). Bicycles do not have these same built-in features, so riders have to take extra precautions to reduce their risk of death and serious injury during a crash. Helmets can minimize the chances of a serious or fatal head injury, should a crash occur. Riders are also encouraged to increase their visibility as much as possible by installing flashing or reflective lights on their bicycle, and by wearing reflective clothing at night and fluorescent clothing during the day.

Seek Seasoned Legal Representation After a Crash

Bicycle accident victims may be owed compensation after a crash, but insurance companies are not interested in providing a full and fair settlement. Instead, their goal is to minimize their payout as much as possible. Get protection and assistance with your case. Contact Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd., where your best interest is the top priority. Schedule a free, personalized consultation with our Green Bay bicycle accident lawyers by calling 920-739-7366 today.