Appleton personal injury attorneys, auto accidents, SnapchatDistracted driving is a major problem in the United States; however, it may have just become more dangerous, thanks to the development of a Snapchat application that allows users to determine how fast they are going. Especially appealing to younger drivers, this “speed filter” is already being blamed for a handful of accidents throughout the country. Yet who is really responsible for these accidents: the teens, or the company that put out the app?

Teens Already at Higher Risk Behind the Wheel

Due to the lack of driving experience that other, more seasoned drivers have, teen drivers are at a higher risk for accidents because they are unlikely to respond appropriately to critical situations. When you add in other factors, such as an increased propensity for distraction and the use of cell phones (many of which can be avoided and controlled by the driver), the odds of teen drivers experiencing automobile crashes are further increased.

The speed filter is akin to dangling a proverbial carrot in front of a teen. A lack of full development in the brain, particularly in areas that guide judgement, make the use of the app while driving almost irresistible. Yes, teen drivers are responsible and can be held accountable in an accident if the use of the app was a factor in an accident they caused. However, should they be the only ones that injured victims consider for compensation?

Despite Warnings, Developers Refused to Remove Filter

Prior to the accidents occurring in the United States, the Snapchat speed filter was deemed responsible for serious auto accidents abroad. Despite those accidents, and the request that it be taken down, the filter has remained a part of the application's features. This, in addition to the lack of warning and blatant disregard for how the app would likely be used in the development phase, could also lead to a level of liability for the company.

Suspect Snapchat as a Factor in Your Auto Accident? Our Attorneys Can Help

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