What Types of Injuries Can Occur During Summertime Activities?

With warm weather comes a variety of outdoor activities to look forward to, especially for those who have spent a long, cold winter indoors. Summertime is a chance to be outside--swimming at a pool or beach, hiking, biking, gardening, grilling out, etc. All these events can be fun, but it is important to be aware of the potential risks involved that can cause serious injuries. Injuries During Warm Weather Activities [...]

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Feline Bites Often More Prone to Infection Than Dog Bites

More often than not, people associate dog bites with serious injuries. However, cats are also capable of causing life-threatening and serious injuries to victims. This is because, in many ways, their bites are actually more likely to result in an infection than a minor dog bite. Learn more about the treatment for feline bites, your risk of infection from a cat bite, and your right to pursue fair compensation for [...]

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