Rear-End Collisions Can Cause Surprisingly Severe Injuries

Statistics indicate that rear-end collisions are, by far, the most common crash in America. In fact, as many as 1.7 million occur each year. Still, there is little attention given to the severe injuries that can result; most people wrongly assume that, because they often occur at reduced speeds, the risk of injury is small. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Common Rear-End Accident Injuries Victims in rear-end [...]

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Survey Shows Many Americans Do Not Understand How Auto Insurance Works

Although most states legally require that drivers carry automobile insurance, a recent survey indicates that most do not understand how their policy works. This is especially true with regard to how cost is determined and what an insurance policy will (and will not) cover. Unfortunately, this can cause a great deal of confusion after an automobile accident has occurred. Know what to expect, how to ensure you have the coverage [...]

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New Study Asks – Is the Back Seat Really Safer for Passengers?

For years, we have been told that the back seat is safest for passengers during an automobile accident. However, a new study, conducted by researchers from the Neuroscience Research Australia center in Sydney challenges that theory and provides some fairly convincing information. Yet should it really change where we place our passengers (particularly children)? Although the verdict is still out, the real answer is probably not. Seat Belts Now Most [...]

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