How Can Fault Be Determined in a Wisconsin Pedestrian Accident?

When a pedestrian is injured in a car accident, the motorist who struck a person on foot may be held responsible for harm caused to the victim. Incidents that involve a pedestrian can be complex due to the damages and injuries that can occur in a collision, as well as the potential reasons behind the crash. Several factors should be considered when determining negligence.    What Factors Can Lead to a [...]

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Heart Failure and Stroke Risks Are Higher for Seniors Involved in an Auto Accident

Statistics from the American Heart Association indicate that, on average, someone in the United States dies from a heart attack every 38 seconds. Stroke death statistics are not any better; on average, one person dies from one every four minutes. Car crashes, which are also a leading cause of death in the U.S., have now been linked an increased risk for these conditions in elderly auto accident victims through a [...]

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Side-impact Crashes and the Injuries They Cause

Most side-impact crashes happen at intersections, where drivers run red lights or stop signs, and as a result, hit the side of another car. Individuals involved in these crashes (also commonly referred to as T-bone or broadside accidents) do not typically see the crash coming - but even if they did happen to see the vehicle barreling toward them, there would be little they could do to stop the accident [...]

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Safety Experts Want to Lower the Drunk Driving Threshold

Each year, an estimated 10, 000 deaths occur because of drunk driving. Scientific experts, who say that these deaths are “completely preventable, ” recently issued a report that encourages states to take another look at their drunk driving thresholds. If their suggestion to lower the current BAC threshold is headed, the number of criminal drunk driving cases in the United States could dramatically increase. Drunk driving accident victims, who often [...]

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The Increasing Number of Accidents Involving Self-Driving Cars Are a Cause for Concern

Self-driving cars are supposed to be the wave of the future, and experts say they can help reduce the number of accident-related deaths and injuries that occur each year. Unfortunately, current data suggests that driverless cars may actually increase the chances of an accident. The problem with this is that fault can be a confusing thing in accidents involving driverless cars. Learn more about pursuing compensation if you or someone [...]

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Preparing Early for Winter Driving Can Reduce Your Risk of an Accident

With fall quickly giving way to winter, many Wisconsin drivers are considering how they can reduce their risk of a car crash. Snow and ice – a common occurrence in this state during the winter months – come together to create hazardous surfaces. The added risk of other drivers, the potential for vehicle malfunctions, and the extreme cold only add further to each driver’s overall risk of an accident. Learn [...]

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Examining the Dangers of Fall Driving

Because it is associated with holidays, family, and outdoor fun, fall is a considered a beautiful and joyous time of year by most people. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous – just as dangerous, sometimes, as the winter. Learn how you can protect your family from potential injury this fall by examining some of the biggest season-related driving dangers, and how to avoid them. You shall also learn what you [...]

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Are Roundabouts Safer for Bicyclists?

Roundabouts have become popular in America. In fact, some cities have chosen to replace dangerous intersections with new roundabouts. The Department of Transportation (DOT) says they result in fewer accidents and have decreased injuries by 75 percent. The death of bicyclists and pedestrians are said to have been reduced by 10 to 40 percent. Are these figures truly accurate, or are they inflated? Further, what can victims and their families [...]

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Pursuing Compensation for the Wrongful Death of a Fetus

Car accidents that result in death are always tragic, but when it happens to an expectant mother and her unborn child, it can feel as though the family has been robbed. Not only have they potentially lost a mother, spouse, or partner, but they have lost the life of a child they never had the chance to hold. In such situations, compensation may be owed. Why Pursue Compensation? Every parent [...]

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Study Reveals Concerning Information on the Accident Rate of Self-Driving Cars

Ever since self-driving cars became a reality, drivers and safety advocates have been on the edge of their seat, just waiting for their widespread release. Unfortunately, we may still be a long way off from that actually happening, especially since a study revealed that, mile-for-mile, self-driving cars have an auto accident rate that is higher than conventional, person-driven cars. There is a bright side, however. The following information explains further. [...]

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