Avoiding Accidents at Dangerous Intersections

Statistics indicate that some 60 percent of all accidents occur at intersections. Furthermore, red light running is thought to account for approximately 200, 000 injuries and 800 deaths in 2015. Thankfully, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists can all reduce their risk of a traffic accident at dangerous intersections. Learn more about crashes at intersections, including your right to pursue compensation if an injury or fatality happens to you or a loved [...]

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Three Ways Pedestrians Can Protect Themselves from Personal Injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in the year 2015, pedestrian accidents that resulted in fatalities were on the rise. With the global increase of both vehicle and on-foot commuters in recent years, it comes as no surprise that these statistics have spiked since then. Under this 2015 study done by the NHTSA, research showed there were over 5, 000 pedestrian fatalities in the United States alone, [...]

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Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries Surprisingly Common in Wisconsin

For a while, Americans were taking their cars everywhere – even to the store just around the corner from their house. Then the obesity issue became an epidemic. Doctors and healthcare professionals pleaded with them to take their health more seriously. Some did. Then more caught on. Fast forward to today and walking has become the “new” way to commute. Unfortunately, not everyone can walk to commute. That means there [...]

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Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Wisconsin

Last year, Wisconsin's pedestrian deaths rose by 22 percent. Warm spring weather, substantial decreases in gas prices, and an improved economy were all considered factors for this rise in traffic fatalities last year. While there may be some truth to this information, it cannot be used as an excuse. An examination other pedestrian-friendly cities may offer some insight as to how Wisconsin could better their streets for their most vulnerable [...]

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Pedestrian Safety: Preventing Accidents in Wisconsin

A young Illinois man was recently struck by a vehicle while running across I-94. This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the importance of pedestrian awareness while driving. The 28-year-old man was struck by an SUV in downtown Minneapolis as he tried to run across the highway around 3 a.m. The man was taken to a local hospital but was unable to recover from his injuries and passed away. [...]

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Pedestrians Face Serious Injuries from Car Accidents in Wisconsin

Walking from point A to point B is not only environmentally friendly, but it can also be beneficial to your health. Walking is a low-intensity and low-impact form of exercise that can help individuals along the path to a healthy lifestyle. Although there are many benefits to walking, pedestrians face a huge risk when navigating the streets of Wisconsin. In fact, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, one pedestrian [...]

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Green Bay Police Find a New Way to Promote Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian accidents in Wisconsin may seem high now, but they have been decreasing over the past few decades. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT), 1, 277 crashes involving pedestrians occurred in Wisconsin in 2012 alone. Since 1990, Wisconsin has worked hard to decrease the number of pedestrian accidents by focusing its efforts on areas such as enforcement, education, and emergency response. As a result of these efforts, pedestrian-related [...]

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