Study Reveals Concerning Information on the Accident Rate of Self-Driving Cars

Ever since self-driving cars became a reality, drivers and safety advocates have been on the edge of their seat, just waiting for their widespread release. Unfortunately, we may still be a long way off from that actually happening, especially since a study revealed that, mile-for-mile, self-driving cars have an auto accident rate that is higher than conventional, person-driven cars. There is a bright side, however. The following information explains further. [...]

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Self-Driving Car Accidents: Who is Responsible?

Google has recently made headlines for its work creating self-driving cars. While getting into a traffic accident with one of these cars is not likely to happen during tomorrow morning's commute, they are interesting to consider in regards to more realistic circumstances: accidents involving cars owned by companies. The development of self-driving cars has caused people to begin questioning the legal ramifications of these cars, such as, “Who is responsible [...]

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