Can I Recover Compensation After a Snowmobile Accident in Wisconsin?

Snowmobiling is a common pastime during Wisconsin winters, and in fact, some of the first-ever snowmobiles were created in the state of Wisconsin. However, it can be a dangerous hobby, as recent years have demonstrated. In 2019, snowmobile accident fatalities in the state matched the most recent 10-year average of 16, and there was an even greater number of fatal accidents in 2020. Fortunately, injury victims of accidents involving snowmobiles [...]

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Snowmobile Safety Tips for Wisconsin Riders

As the snow season gets into full swing, snowmobiling becomes a preferred method of transportation for many outdoor enthusiasts. Wisconsin is the birthplace of snowmobiling and has over 25, 000 miles of groomed trails available to riders. However, snowmobiles can be as dangerous as cars if not operated properly. Last year Wisconsin reported 23 snowmobiling fatalities. Recently, a local Appleton man was killed in a snowmobiling accident near Chute Pond. There [...]

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