Preparing Early for Winter Driving Can Reduce Your Risk of an Accident

With fall quickly giving way to winter, many Wisconsin drivers are considering how they can reduce their risk of a car crash. Snow and ice – a common occurrence in this state during the winter months – come together to create hazardous surfaces. The added risk of other drivers, the potential for vehicle malfunctions, and the extreme cold only add further to each driver’s overall risk of an accident. Learn [...]

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Early Morning Crashes and Black Ice – What You Should Know

Even after roads have been plowed and treated to melt the snow and ice, road users need to be aware of potential dangers. This is especially true when it comes to the presence of black ice. Often caused by areas that have melted and then refrozen, it is most often an issue in the early morning hours because it is so difficult to see while driving in the dark. It [...]

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Slick Roads in Winter Can Lead to Death and Serious Injury: Protect Your Family and Understand Your Right to Pursue Compensation

When winter settles in, and the roads become slick, even the best of drivers can find themselves in a dangerous situation. However, most circumstances are avoidable. Learn how you can best protect your family with some safe winter driving tips, and learn what rights you have if you or someone you love is killed or injured in an automobile crash this winter season. Always Have a Plan for Unexpected Inclement [...]

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Time to Prepare for Winter Weather Driving

Winter weather is just around that corner, and that means so is winter driving. Be prepared for the snow and ice, and reduce your risk of an automobile accident, by getting your vehicle ready now. The following provides some information on what steps to take, and what you can do, should you still experience an accident in Wisconsin this winter season. Tires and Traction Snow, ice, slush, and remnants of [...]

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Snow Plow Accidents Rare but Can Have Severe Consequences

While there is very little data on the rate of snow plow crashes in the United States, incidents appear to be rare. Still, they can have severe consequences for victims. Keep yourself and your family safe on the road this winter with some important safety tips, and know what to do, should you or someone you love experience a snowplow accident. Staying Safe on Winter Roads and Around Snowplows Slick [...]

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Auto Accidents in Adverse Winter Weather

Every driver has the duty to drive his or her vehicle in a reasonably safe way. This duty is important for preventing auto accidents and injuries on the roads and highways. However, when a driver fails to meet this duty and causes a collision and injury, he or she can be deemed negligent by the court and can be held liable for any losses suffered by the accident victims. The [...]

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