What Steps Should I Take After a Dog Bite Injury in Wisconsin?

Although most dogs are friendly and docile, they can become aggressive under certain circumstances. A dog bite injury can be a traumatic experience for both adults and children. A canine attack can result in severe lacerations, broken bones, and a variety of other injuries. In addition, dog attacks can have a lasting impact on a victim’s emotional well-being, particularly if the wounds lead to disfigurement. If you or a loved [...]

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Pets and Strangers: Prevent Dog Bites this Holiday Season

The holidays are often filled with fun parties, family and friends. However, with an increased amount of people entering and leaving a house, dog owners should be extra careful and make sure their furry friends remain on their best behavior. According to dogsbite.org, 1, 000 Americans are treated in the emergency room for dog bites every day. Dog bites can result in serious injuries to both a victim and a [...]

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Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries: When the Owner is Your Friend

Virtually every day there are reports of people all over the state being bitten, attacked, and even killed by dogs. Dog bites are always a very traumatic experience, and it is hard to imagine that “man's best friend” can be capable of injuring an innocent person. However, it happens more often than you may think. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in five people who are bitten by [...]

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