Wisconsin truck driver, violate health requirements, Wisconsin Truck Accident LawyerCommercial truck accidents can occur for several different reasons; however, truck driver error is the leading cause of accidents involving these large vehicles. When you think of driver error, you most likely think of driving under the influence, speeding, texting and driving, or other similar behaviors that take place behind the wheel. Yet truck drivers can make mistakes outside the cab of their trucks which can lead to accidents and serious injuries. One example is that drivers may knowingly hold a commercial driver's license with a potentially dangerous health condition.

The Importance of Driver Health Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets out strict health regulations for every driver in order to receive their commercial license. In order to meet the health requirements, a driver must undergo thorough and regular medical examinations and have a doctor sign off on the state of his or her health. These health regulations are imperative as devastating accidents can occur if a driver suffers a serious health event while driving and loses control of the 80, 000 pound tractor-trailer.

In addition, various health conditions can create challenges for a driver to adequately operate a truck. The FMCSA take health violations very seriously and any driver who violates these regulations and causes an accident should be held liable.

Even if a driver initially passes a medical exam, a condition may later develop before their next exam and he or she has a duty to report this condition. Examples of prohibited health conditions include the following:

  • Heart disease, high blood pressure, and other heart attack risks;

  • Seizure disorders;

  • Arthritis in the hands or hips;

  • Muscle weakness;

  • Vision or hearing impairments; and

  • Mental illness.

Moreover, truck drivers are prone to develop serious health issues due to the nature of their jobs. They are sedentary for long hours while they drive and often eat at fast food restaurants or truck stops, which have limited options for healthy eating. Additionally, they have irregular sleep patterns and little exercise. Finally, truck drivers are at high risk to develop depression, substance abuse issues, and other mental health conditions due to long hours in isolation on monotonous highways.

If a truck driver fails to report or tries to conceal a potentially dangerous health condition and suffers a heart attack or other serious health event while driving, he or she should be held accountable for their negligence and for any damage or injuries caused.

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