Green Bay soft tissue injury lawyersIf you were recently injured in a car accident, your injuries might not always be severe.  However, even low-impact accidents can cause debilitating and potentially long-term effects on your health. One such injury is a soft tissue injury. Some symptoms of soft tissue injury include blurry vision, stiffness in neck, jaw pain and vertigo.  The effects of soft tissue injury can last long after the accident occurs. The victim might suffer from muscle spasms or curvature of the spine.

How You Can Prove Soft Tissue Injury

In personal injury cases, it can be hard to prove that a soft tissue injury occurred.  This is because these injuries are not the most visible. In addition, the other driver’s insurer might look for loopholes so they can deny your claim.  They might claim that you’re exaggerating the effects of the accident on your health. One thing you should do is keep a detailed journal of the pain you’re in as well, as other symptoms in a journal. Another thing you should do is go to your doctor’s appointments and keep good medical records.  

Compensation You Can Receive for Your Injuries

You can be compensated for your injuries in several ways. The compensation will be for your medical bills, continuing treatment for the condition, loss of income due to the injuries, costs of car repairs, and emotional pain and suffering. Talk to your lawyer about this during your initial consultation.

What to Do When You Are Contacted By Another Driver’s Insurer

If contacted by the other driver’s insurer, look out for any warning signs that the insurer is trying to trap you.  If they request a recorded statement of the details of the accident and injuries, it is a red flag. If the insurer is working with a body shop to use replacement parts not suited for your car’s make and model, they may be attempting to reduce their payout, or if the insurer requests your medical records, they could be seeking to minimize the effects of your injuries.

In conclusion, you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of the car accident by yourself. If you’re dealing with this situation, contact an experienced Appleton car accident lawyer for assistance. We can meet with you to discuss your case and help you determine the best strategy for obtaining the compensation you deserve. You will receive support and have peace of mind in knowing that your voice will be heard. Call 920-739-7366 for your free consultation.