green bay injury lawyerMotorcyclists ride to enjoy, more so than occupants of cars, and they enjoy being a part of nature and experiencing the exhilaration of the wind against their body.   Because they don’t have the protections that other vehicles offer, they are vulnerable to serious injuries, even when they take all precautions to ensure their own safety.  It is absolutely essential that vehicle drivers recognize those vulnerabilities and respect the rights of bikers.  When operators of trucks and cars do not follow the rules of the road, and motorcyclists get injured, motorcyclists need to work with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to ensure that negligent drivers and their insurance carriers are held responsible for the harms they suffered.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcyclists will want to be aware of the places and times that collisions most commonly occur. In 2019, the most recent year for which national statistics have been compiled, there were 5,014 motorcycle accidents that resulted in the fatalities of motorcyclists. In addition to fatal accidents, there were around 84,000 crashes that resulted in injuries to motorcyclists. Other notable statistics include:

  • 61 percent of fatalities in motorcycle accidents took place in urban areas, and 39 percent took place in rural areas.
  • 66 percent of motorcycle accident fatalities occurred in locations other than intersections, and 34 percent took place at intersections.
  • 91 percent of fatalities occurred in motorcycle accidents on non-interstate roads, and 9 percent took place on interstate freeways.
  • 97 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents took place during clear or cloudy weather, while 2 percent took place during rain, and 1 percent took place in snowy, foggy, or other weather conditions.
  • 57 percent of motorcycle fatalities took place during the day, while 38 percent took place after dark.
  • 52 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes took place on weekdays, while 48 percent took place on weekends.

In many cases, motorcyclists understand the potential dangers they face in certain situations. They are often aware of the risks of accidents in intersections where other vehicles may turn in front of them or cut them off. They also take care to drive safely when traveling at high speeds. However, these statistics show that only 34 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents take place at intersections, and only 9 percent occur on interstate freeways. This means that motorcyclists may be injured in other situations than they would expect, and driver negligence can result in dangerous accidents in any location.

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