wisconsin car accident statisticsAccidents caused by motor vehicles can affect anyone across the country, and the State of Wisconsin is no exception. Auto accidents can leave you without transportation, in economic hardship, and in severe cases, with injuries that require you to pay large medical bills. The worst case scenario can end in death.

To many people, automobile crashes seem to happen frequently but are minor. Unfortunately, however, consider the following statistics regarding car accidents in Wisconsin that may surprise you:

  • There were over 118, 000 motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin in 2013.
  • Of those crashes, over 82, 000 resulted in some kind of property damage.
  • These crashes injured over 41, 000 people in the same year.

The above statistics equate to over 320 motor vehicle crashes every single day. This is a frightening number, illustrating that traumatic motor vehicle accidents truly can happen to anyone. Often, accidents can result in damages that are beyond your control, making legal recourse necessary, especially in the case of auto accident fatalities. Since 2009, statistics show that the fatality rate of auto accidents has also risen steadily. There were 491 fatal crashes in 2013 alone. Additionally:

  • Over 19, 000 vehicle accidents in 2013 were the result of speeding.
  • Almost 6, 000 of all accidents were alcohol-related.
  • About 1, 300 pedestrians were injured or killed, and about 1, 000 bicyclists.

Automobile accidents can be crippling for any Wisconsin resident–whether physically injuring someone or financially causing strife. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to a crash twice. Consult with a personal injury attorney that focuses in motor vehicle accident cases.

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