appleton truck accident lawyerCommercial trucks can be extremely dangerous when they are not driven safely. There are a series of safety procedures truck drivers are supposed to follow, from getting adequate rest in between shifts to checking that their load is secure. When drivers carelessly skip steps or take needless risks, people can be seriously hurt. Accidents caused by 18-wheelers often involve multiple other vehicles and injuries.

If you were injured in a truck accident, you should make getting in touch with a qualified personal injury attorney a very high priority. It is best to call a lawyer as soon as you can after a crash so they can begin preserving evidence at the accident scene immediately before it is disturbed and cannot be recreated.

What Mistakes by Truck Drivers Can Cause Accidents?

Commercial truck drivers have a big responsibility. They are operating heavy and dangerous machinery on public roads, and are expected to take their safety duties very seriously. Very bad accidents can result when drivers make these mistakes:

  • Unsecured load – Drivers are expected to ensure that their load is properly secured before driving. An unsecured load can cause objects to fly off the truck and hit anyone who happens to be behind the truck. Or, even loads that move around too much in the back of a truck can cause the trailer to sway into other lanes or even detach entirely.
  • Speeding – Commercial truck drivers are often on a very tight schedule. Some drivers may attempt to meet their timing requirements by driving far too fast, especially on the highway. This is particularly dangerous in the wintertime when black ice and other weather-related hazards can cause a speeding vehicle to lose control very easily.
  • Fatigue – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets out strict requirements governing hours of service for commercial trucks. Drivers are required to take periodic breaks to rest for safety reasons – fatigued drivers tend to make dangerous mistakes that lead to accidents.
  • Distraction – Long hours behind the wheel can get dull. It is unsurprising that some drivers will use their cell phones or other devices for entertainment while on the road. Unfortunately, a tractor-trailer driver only needs to take his eyes off the road for a moment to cause a life-altering crash.

Any number of mistakes by commercial truck drivers can result in devastating crashes. Determining exactly what mistake led to a crash can be tricky, but an experienced attorney can help.

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