Wisconsin traumatic brain injury lawyersBecause they are more likely to experience an automobile accident than older drivers, teens and young adults are also more likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). While most do fully recover, for some, the injury can result in long-term consequences, such as a diminished ability to work, complete school work, or concentrate. Now a new study suggests that teens and young adults with traumatic brain injuries may also be more likely to participate in a crime, which could increase their risk of going to prison. Learn what this could mean for your teen, and how you can fight back to protect their future.

About the Study

The new study, conducted by the Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, analyzed data on nearly 1.4 million Canadians between the ages of 18 and 28. Results showed that 0.5 percent of young adults with a history of traumatic brain injury were incarcerated. Just 0.2 percent without this history were imprisoned. Granted, the overall risk is low, even if a correlation does exist, but this study adds to others that have suggested criminal activity and long-term complications may be present in young adults who suffer a TBI, even if they happen to recover from the initial injury.

Protecting Your Teen’s Future After a TBI

When teens experience a traumatic brain injury because of another’s negligence – be it in a vehicle accident, construction accident, or work accident – it is important that parents do everything in their power to protect the future of their child. This includes pursuing compensation to ensure their child receives the treatment they need and deserve. However, parents should also avoid facing  this challenge alone. Insurance companies and claims adjusters may try to minimize your child’s injuries, potentially reducing their settlement. This can put their health and future at risk. Instead, seek experienced help.

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