Green Bay, WI truck crash attorney for truck driver traffic violationsAll drivers are required to follow the rules of the road, and doing so can help them make sure they are operating their vehicles safely. It is especially important for commercial truck drivers to follow all traffic laws that apply to them, since the large size and weight of their vehicles can result in serious injuries to others in truck accidents. Unfortunately, many truck drivers commit dangerous traffic violations that put others at risk. When a truck driver who commits a violation is involved in a collision with another vehicle, a personal injury lawyer can gather evidence to show that the accident occurred because of the truck driver’s negligence, ensuring that victims will be able to hold the driver and their employer responsible for their injuries and damages.

Common Truck Driver Traffic Violations

  1. Speeding – On many roads and highways, reduced speed limits apply to semi-trailer trucks. Truck drivers may exceed these speed limits in hopes of getting to their destination more quickly. Traveling at an unsafe speed may cause a driver to lose control of their truck and collide with other vehicles or pedestrians.
  2. Tailgating – Following another vehicle too closely can lead to rear-end accidents if a car needs to slow down or stop suddenly. Truck drivers who commit this type of violation may be unable to stop in time to avoid rear-ending another vehicle, and this can result in serious injuries for drivers and passengers.
  3. Failure to yield – Tractor-trailer trucks have large blind spots, and truck drivers should take care when changing lanes or merging into traffic. Drivers who do not respect others’ right of way may sideswipe other vehicles or force them off the road, which can result in rollover accidents and other types of dangerous collisions.
  4. Disobeying traffic lights or stop signs – Proceeding through an intersection while a traffic light is red or without stopping for a stop sign can lead to T-bone collisions with other vehicles. When large trucks are involved in these types of collisions, other vehicles can suffer a great deal of damage, and drivers and passengers may be seriously injured or killed.
  5. Using electronic devices – Truck drivers who use cell phones, electronic logging devices, or other systems while behind the wheel may take their attention away from the road, causing them to be unable to see other vehicles and react in time to avoid a collision.
  6. OWI – For most drivers, the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08%, and they may face charges of Operating While Intoxicated if they are in control of a vehicle after drinking alcohol or using drugs. For commercial truck drivers, the BAC limit is .04%, and the use of any intoxicating substances greatly increases the chances that they will cause injuries to people in other vehicles.
  7. Failure to take the size and weight of the vehicle into account – Because of their size and weights, trucks and trailers can greatly increase the amount of time that it takes to clear an intersection, complete a lane change, or accelerate to highway speeds. The failure to consider these issues can increase the risk of accidents and serious injury.

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