Appleton workplace injury attorneysWorkers can experience any number of injuries while on the job, but those that deal with compression – having their body crushed between two heavy objects – tend to suffer from life-long complications. Location of the compression and the amount of the body affected can increase the risk of serious, long-term issues. Learn more about how compression injuries may affect the life of you or your loved one, and discover how a seasoned, competent personal injury lawyer may be able to help increase the overall amount of your workplace injury settlement. 

Location of Compression

While most work-related compression injuries are experienced on the extremities (feet, hands, arms, or legs), employees in certain industries may also be at high risk for a compression injury to the head or spine. Examples can include factory workers and those in the construction industry. 

While an arm or leg is no less significant to a person than their brain or spine, the latter areas house the body’s most important structures. The brain controls everything from muscle movement to a person’s breathing and heartbeat. The spine encases nerve bundles that control sensation and movement throughout the entire body. If either of these areas is injured seriously enough, it could render the victim paralyzed – or worse. 

Size of the Area Compressed – Why It Matters

When it comes to compression injuries, the amount of the body compressed can make a significant impact on a victim’s long-term outcome. As an example, consider a lower back compression injury, which scarred the victim’s ganglion impar, a bundle of nerves located near the tailbone. Depending on the severity of the scarring, the victim may only suffer from a temporary disability of their lower limbs, or perhaps even just a loss of sensation to their legs and feet. Alternatively, compression of the spine that extends from the tailbone to the shoulder blades is far more likely to cause long-term paralysis. 

Are You Owed Additional Compensation? Our Green Bay Work Injury Lawyers Can Help

Although most work injuries will go through the workers’ compensation system, certain situations may entitle an injured party to further compensation from a third-party. Examples might include faulty machinery, maintained by an outside company, that caused a compression injury or a safety product that failed to adequately protect a worker from injury, even when used correctly. These situations are known as third-party workplace injury lawsuits. 

Unfortunately, employers rarely look for third-party liability, and employees may not be aware that it exists. As such, it is advised that injured employees have their cases evaluated by a seasoned personal injury lawyer. Contact Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd., where your rights and best interests are aggressively protected. Our Appleton work injury lawyers will fight for the most compensation possible. Call 920-739-7366 and schedule a free consultation to learn more.