crane accidents, Wisconsin Personal Injury AttorneyConstruction sites come with numerous risks of injuries due to the use of power tools, high structures, heavy machinery, and other dangerous items. In addition to the inherent dangers on a construction site, additional injuries can occur when a worker or other party acts in a negligent manner that leads to an accident. One type of accident that can cause severe injuries to any individual involved is a crane accident.

Cranes are very large and complicated vehicles which have a long arm that raise and lower heavy pieces of building materials for construction projects using cables and ropes. Because of both the size of the crane and the fact that it often swings heavy materials, it is not surprising that these machines can be involved in serious accidents.

Accidents may not only cause injury to construction workers on-site, but also to anyone passing by a construction zone in a car or on foot. When a crane accident occurs due to the negligence of another party, any victims involved have a legal right under the law to receive adequate compensation from the responsible person or company.

Determining Negligence in a Crane Accident Case

There are several different forms of negligence that may contribute to causing a crane accident as well as many parties that may be held liable. The first step in a crane accident case is to conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident so that any and all potentially negligent parties may be identified. The following are examples of negligence that can cause a crane accident and injuries:

  • A construction company allows an individual without the proper training and qualifications to operate the crane;

  • A worker operates the crane while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, overly fatigued or distracted;

  • A crane is overloaded which causes the arm to buckle, break or collapse;

  • Parts of the crane are defective and malfunction;

  • The crane was assembled incorrectly and therefore malfunctions; or

  • The construction company or equipment leasing company fails to conduct proper inspections and maintenance on the crane.

  • An instability failure is created as a result of inadequate ground support or inadequate leveling.

  • A crane's load is not properly secured.

  • The crane is operated in the area of power lines.

Negligent parties in crane accident cases may include the operator, the crane manufacturer, the construction company and more. Identifying the correct parties and form of negligence is imperative for an injured victim to prevail in a subsequent legal claim. For this reason, you should always seek help from an attorney who has specific experience in cases arising from construction site and equipment accidents.

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