Halloween dangers, Wisconsin Personal Injury LawyerWith the arrival of Autumn, Halloween is just weeks away. Children are beginning to plan their costumes and eagerly anticipate taking to the streets to collect candy from neighbors. Yet while trick-or-treating and costumes are fun, the risk for personal injuries are increasingly prevalent on Halloween due to the negligence of others. The following examples are common types of accidents that can that occur on Halloween:

Pedestrian Accidents — An increase in pedestrians is common on Halloween as trick-or-treating leads to additional pedestrians on the streets and sidewalks. In addition, older revelers may attending costume parties and other functions that serve alcohol. As a result, the number of pedestrian accidents—especially those involving drunk drivers—increases on Halloween night.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) acknowledges Halloween dangers and offers safety tips for both pedestrians and drivers. One important tip is to only cross the street when necessary—avoid zig-zagging across the street from house to house. Instead, visit one side of the street first and then cross over for the entire other side.

Drunk Driving Accidents — Sadly, while many children are out trick-or-treating and enjoying the wonderful holiday of Halloween, a significant amount of adults (or even teenagers) may be driving while impaired after leaving a party. And, of course, this puts both trick-or-treaters as well as other motorists and pedestrians at risk of being injured or killed.

The NHTSA reports that in 2011, almost 40 percent of fatalities on Halloween occurred in an accident involving a motorist with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. Anyone who witnesses a driver operating a vehicle erratically should contact law enforcement immediately.

Stay Visible and Stay Alert

Ultimately, two of the easiest ways to prevent an injury while trick-or-treating this year include staying visible at all times and staying alert. If your children choose to wear dark costumes during the holiday, equip yourselves with a bicycle light or other light to help drivers see you in the dark. Moreover, make sure to stay alert as well; just because you have flashing lights does not mean that drivers will automatically see you. Cross only at designated crosswalks, and stay alert for motorists to keep you and your children safe.

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