The Avery Netflix Documentary: The Difference Between Criminal and Civil Legal Actions

The documentary “Making a Murderer” has media buzzing all over the country. The true tale of the Avery and Dassey families’ alleged run-ins with the law took place in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, making the series all the more fascinating to those of us that actually reside in Wisconsin. Regardless of what side of the spectrum your opinions of the criminal case(s) rest, we can likely all agree that the documentary series provided an interesting perspective and look at some of the various complexities of our legal system.

Study Finds Repeat Drunk Drivers are Still on Wisconsin Roads

In every state, laws are in place to provide consequences to drunk drivers and deter them from driving drunk again. The consequences that drivers face for driving under the influence (DUI) often include mandatory drug education programs that show them the dangers they pose to themselves, their passengers, and others on the road when they drive drunk.

Wisconsin Recreational Vehicle Safety During the Winter Months

Every winter, Wisconsin is blanketed with acres upon acres of soft, fresh snow. This snow cover is ideal for snowmobile enthusiasts who carve out riding trails and enjoy the frozen scenery of winter. Like other recreational vehicles, such as ATVs and jet skis, snowmobiles can be dangerous. In 2014, a total of 181 snowmobile accident reports were filed in Wisconsin. Of these, 23 were fatal.

Safety Tips for the Wisconsin Motorcycle Season

As the weather warms up, more and more motorcycles are coming out of the garage, with riders ready to hit the road. Before you hop on your bike, remember to put safety first.

Wisconsin Boating Accidents and Water Safety

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) 2013 reports, there are 614,399 registered boats in the state of Wisconsin. Especially during the summer months, these boats flood the over 15,000 lakes in the state of Wisconsin, and the water can get pretty crowded. Familiarizing yourself with the basic Wisconsin boating rules and safety tips can potentially help save your life and the lives of others.

Winter is coming, making car accidents a major concern in Wisconsin

Winter comes early in Wisconsin — and when it does, road conditions can quickly deteriorate. According to statistics from the National Weather Service, over the last 30 years, the normal seasonal snowfall over the entire state has averaged more than 40 inches. Some parts of the state regularly receive well over a hundred inches of snow in a season.

Meeting these challenging winter conditions on the road takes skill, experience, and attentiveness. Unfortunately, each winter, many Wisconsin drivers come up short, causing thousands of automobile accidents on the state’s roads.

Third-offense drunk driver seriously injures four in two-car crash

Hundreds are killed and thousands are injured each year in drunk driving accidents in Wisconsin. As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a driver was recently arrested on suspicion of third-offense driving under the influence after turning his jeep into oncoming traffic, seriously injuring four.

Changes to Wisconsin’s impaired driving law needed to address ‘huffing’

In Wisconsin, patrolling officers have seen a sharp increase in the number of people “huffing” and driving. Huffing involves the inhaling of hazardous contents of a spray can to get high. While the law is still evolving to include this practice in standardized vehicle codes, to date, huffing can be a form of reckless driving, which endangers other motorists on the road.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

In 2010, an average of 12 pedestrians died every day in traffic accidents, for a total of 4,280 pedestrian accident fatalities for the year. In an effort to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents, the city of Appleton, Wisconsin, in partnership with Lawrence University, has added two new crosswalks with flashing lights on College Avenue.

Safety Agency Prevents Entry of Half Million Hazardous Products

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) helps keep American consumers safe from hazardous products. One major focus of the agency’s efforts is preventing unsafe toys from getting into the hands of American children.

Commercial Trucks and Rear-End Collisions

It is not surprising that commercial trucks are more difficult to maneuver than other vehicles. Commercial trucks generally are more limited than passenger vehicles when it comes to controlling acceleration, braking, and visibility — an important factor that contributes to commercial truck accidents.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

When is the Keeper (not the Owner) of a Dog Liable for Injuries to Another?

Pedestrian Accidents: the Other Vehicle Accident

When we are young, we are told to look both ways before crossing the street. This is for good reason; pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries.

A New Standard for Expert Testimony in Wisconsin

Expert testimony can be an integral element of a legal case. Almost any type of case may involve an expert: criminal, civil, family, and tort law claims all commonly rely on evidence provided by an experienced professional. But how is it determined whether or not a potential expert witness is going to provide reliable information?

Texting or E-Mailing and Driving: No LOL Matter

As Old Man Winter returns to Wisconsin, bringing gifts of snow and ice, treacherous driving conditions also return. If the hazards of winter driving weren’t enough on their own, technological advances provide their own distractions, leaving drivers trying to split their attention between the road and the gadgets. As of December 1, 2010, drivers will have one less distraction behind the wheel that could keep them from arriving at their destination safely: text messaging.

How 911 Calls Can Help Accident Victims

From the time you were a small child, you were taught to dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. One thing that you were probably not taught was that calling 911 has a larger benefit than simply alerting authorities that an accident occurred or a crime was committed. When a criminal or personal injury case goes to court, recordings and transcripts of 911 calls can provide a wealth of information to attorneys.

Stay Safe on Your Bicycle this Summer

From children and families to serious riders training for races, bicycle riding is a popular summer pastime for many people of Northeast Wisconsin. While we usually consider riding a bicycle a safe activity, there is risk involved. However, there are ways to stay safe.

Truth in Auto Insurance Provisions Protect Consumers

“There is no question that as a state and a country we are facing some serious financial issues right now. Between losses in retirement savings, home values, jobs, and income, it has never been more important for people to make sure their remaining assets are protected…”

Auto Accidents Happen: Do You Know How You Would Respond?

“It is difficult to know how to react to an accident, whether you are the injured person or the one responsible for the injury. Once an accident happens, though, everyone involved should act ethically and efficiently, but unfortunately this does not always happen…”

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