Green Bay rear end accident lawyersRear-end collisions account for approximately 28 percent of all crashes in the United States today, and that makes them one of the most commonly experienced accident types. They can also be extremely devastating for the victims, despite often occurring at a low speed. Learn more about the most commonly sustained rear-end accident injuries in the following sections, and discover how a seasoned personal injury lawyer can help increase your chances of full and fair compensation after a rear-end crash.

Neck and Spine Injuries

Of all the injuries that may be experienced in a rear-end crash, those pertaining the neck and spine are some of the most common. Many are considered soft tissue injuries (i.e. whiplash), but the spine of the victim may be injured as well. Severe neck and spinal injuries can lead to long-term pain, nerve damage, and potential paralysis.

Head, Face, and Brain Injuries

An injury to the head or face can be minor, such as a bruise or cut, or it can be severe (i.e. facial disfigurement or traumatic brain injury). The healing time of the victim will depend greatly upon the severity of the injury, and in some cases, complete recovery may not be possible. It is this potential risk of a severe injury, and the chances of an overlooked symptom, that makes visiting a doctor so crucial for accident victims. Ensuring you are examined by a medical professional after a crash also increases your chances of receiving full and fair compensation after a crash.

Broken Bones and Other Bodily Injuries

Broken bones and other bodily injuries, such as bruised ribs or the loss of a limb are not as common in rear-end collisions as they are other accidents, but they can (and often do) still occur. These injuries typically take a great deal of time to heal, so the victim may be unable to work, which only worsens the financial impact of a crash.

An attorney can help to mitigate this by fighting for full and fair compensation that includes more than just the cost of past and future medical expenses; they can also pursue damages for past and future pain and suffering, loss of love and companionship, as well as any lost wages or loss of capacity to earn the same wages in the future that the victim may experience because of their injuries.

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