Green Bay brain injury lawyersAlthough many traumatic brain injury victims do ultimately recover from their injuries, some suffer from serious and life-long complications. Next to death, diagnosis of a vegetative state is, perhaps, the most devastating of outcomes. Yet, because of music, healthcare professionals and medical experts are starting to wonder if unconsciousness is a spectrum, and the victim’s quality of life can still be improved. Learn more in the following sections, including how an experienced personal injury lawyer may be able to help improve the circumstances for your family after someone has experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Researchers Are Using Music to Reach Vegetative Brain Injury Victims

Science has always assumed that an individual in a vegetative state cannot hear, see, or otherwise interact with their surroundings. Things are changing, however – and music is at least partially responsible. Found to improve recovery for brain injury victims and thought to reduce aggression in people with dementia, music is currently being used in a medical study to determine if it can improve the quality of life of individuals with severe, vegetative state brain injuries. Researchers are also hoping to determine if music could be used to diagnose consciousness in people who have been diagnosed as being in a vegetative state. This element of the study could be critical to families of victims, especially since consciousness still mystifies healthcare professionals and studies have consistently found a high rate of misdiagnosis.

Carrying the Burden of a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

When accident victims experience a severe traumatic brain injury, their entire lives are changed. However, it is not just the life of the victim that is altered; families, too, must adapt. For many, this means ensuring their loved one has quality care around the clock, and that they are receiving the treatment and therapies that they need and deserve. Unfortunately, most families cannot bear the financial burden of such expensive treatments. Thankfully, some of these families may be eligible for compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain further.

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