Can Crash-Prevention Technology Prevent Car Accidents in Wisconsin?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear-end collisions account for roughly one-third of all automobile crashes. Rear-end collisions carry a high risk of spine, neck, and brain injuries for victims. In an effort to prevent collisions, many automakers are offering crash-prevention technology in the newest models of cars. Despite cutting-edge technology and numerous safety features, roughly 2.35 million Americans sustain accident-related injuries each year. If you have [...]

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Safety Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents When Driving During the Spring

With winter coming to a close, drivers throughout the state of Wisconsin are celebrating better driving conditions, and for good reason. This February marked one of the worst driving months in recent memory for travelers across Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, a staggering 5, 892 vehicle assistance calls were made to law enforcement. The vast majority of these calls were due to vehicles sliding off the road or [...]

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How to Protect Elderly Drivers from Car Accident Injuries

In February 2019, an elderly woman was fatally injured in a car accident on Wisconsin’s I-43 highway. The woman lost control of her vehicle and swerved off the road. By the time emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, the woman had already passed away. This incident demonstrated the risks faced by many elderly drivers. Studies have shown that elderly drivers are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle [...]

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Safety Experts Say Automaker Defect is Putting Countless Children at Risk

Parents are consistently told that the back seat of a vehicle is safest for children. Most of the time that statement is true. There is, however, an automobile defect in some vehicle makes and models that could place children at just as much risk as those riding in front seats. Even more disturbing is that the automakers of those vehicles have allegedly known of the problem for quite some time [...]

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