Accident injuries result from head-on crash

When driving in Outagamie County, one of the last things that drivers expect to happen is to be involved in a crash. Auto accidents happen frequently and often result in accident injuries. This can be for a variety of reasons including a reckless driver, a drunk driver or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's a fact of life that car accidents happen and they can cause injuries [...]

2014-06-27T14:05:58+00:00June 27, 2014|Car Accidents|

Truck crash sends woman to hospital in critical condition

In Appleton, drivers need to be aware of large trucks on the road. These vehicles are heavy and often there is the possibility of driver fatigue affecting the safety with which it is operated. Given the heft, the stops and starts and the amount of time commercial vehicles spend on the road, accident are inevitable. When they do, , sometimes people are seriously injured. In others, there are fatal truck accidents. A [...]

2014-06-25T17:47:36+00:00June 25, 2014|Truck Accidents|

Crash with semi leaves three family members injured in Wisconsin

Commercial trucks vary in size and weight but for the most part, they are substantially larger than personal-use vehicles. Most commercial trucks dwarf other vehicles on the road and they can absolutely devastate cars, motorcycles, vans or any other type of vehicle that is unlucky enough to become involved in a truck accident. Because of their immense size and weight, commercial trucks present a number of dangers to other vehicles. [...]

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