What Broken Bones and Fractures Are Most Common in a Car Accident?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 2.5 million Americans are seen in an emergency room after a car accident, annually. Of those, more than 200, 000 are admitted to the hospital. Broken bones and fractures are among some of the most commonly seen injuries.  Sadly, the healing and recovery process for a fracture can be long and painful. During that time, the victim’s financial well-being [...]

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Accident Victims May Require Surgery

Victims of accidents can sustain several different types of personal injuries for which the necessary medical treatment can vary widely. Following an accident, injured victims may simply require a doctor's visit and rest; others may require emergency trauma care and extensive treatment in the hospital. Additionally, accident victims who sustain severe injuries may require one or more surgical procedures to repair the damage. Types of Injuries That May Require Surgery [...]

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