Determining if Negligence Was a Factor in Your Personal Injury Case

Whenever an accident occurs, the victim has a right to pursue compensation. Known as a personal injury claim, this includes injuries sustained during an auto accident, truck accident, construction site accident, dog bite or attack, and many other preventable types of accidents. However, an accident alone is not enough to pursue a personal injury claim. Negligence, and all of its elements, must also be present. How do you determine if [...]

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What is the Meaning of Negligence?

Negligence sounds like a simple word. People use it every day. It means carelessness. It means someone was not paying attention. However, according to research in the Legal Finance Journal, this simple word forms the basis of tens of thousands of lawsuits every year. This is because negligence is also a legal standard. When a person is harmed by another in a traffic accident or other type of personal injury [...]

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